Meet the Cats

The Foundation For Homeless Cats

Sanctuary Cats

The Foundation For Homeless Cats manages 14 colonies with the help of our dedicated volunteers. All of our cats have been humanely trapped, fixed, vetted and returned to their outdoor home. Of course from time to time a new cat will show up, whether lost, dumped or somehow just found their way to the food source. Once a new cat has been identified, the cat is trapped, assessed for temperament and health. If lost, we make every effort to get the cat back home. If tame and no evidence the cat is owned, (tags, tattoo, posting on lost/found sites, microchip etc) the cat will be placed with one of our wonderfur adoption partners.

Many times a cat will show up at one of colonies that is somewhat tame, too tame to stay at the colony.  What we mean by too tame to stay at the colony means we fear they may approach a human and that could pose a danger to the cat if that person has bad intentions. Some of these cats obviously have been in a home before but are not tame enough for adoption. Perhaps they have trusted a human before, but it didn’t work out too well for them so they may never be lap cats, like to be handled, are skittish or we’ve even had biters. Those cats are pulled from the colony. We will work with them and if they become adoptable, and many do, we will get them into a loving, forever home. Otherwise they live out there lives at our sanctuary.

Then we have the medical/elderly cats. We do retrap cats that are injured or ill and treat them as best we can. This can be difficult as with many of these cats, you cannot give them daily medicine or treatment. We provide life long sanctuary for those cats in their golden years. Elderly cats are retired from their life on the street with their golden years filled with soft beds, age appropriate food and medical care.