How We Help

The Foundation for Homeless Cats Non Profit

How We Help

We are available to coordinate with TNR organizations, who provide clinic appointments for sterilization surgery, lend humane traps and offer instruction.

We will provide nonlethal cat management training, education on responsibilities, and TNR Guides.

We will show you how to maintain feeding stations, as this is crucial and required.

We will provide ideas and solutions for raising TNR money and discuss hardship cases, as a tax-deductible donation of as little as $25 will help spay/neuter one cat.

We are available to offer solutions where the caretaker and colony is in jeopardy. We do hope to empower you to do this as the cats’ lives depend on you.

We can train you to be able to speak at meetings, conferences, block watch assemblies, HOAs, businesses, churches, schools, and youth organizations concerning the issue of free roaming cats.

We are available to provide brochures, literature and speakers for education and awareness in assisting you in educating your community or raising funds.


What We Cannot Do:

We cannot relocate or remove cats. In the state of Arizona, cats are free-roaming and have the right to remain where they make their home. Removal or relocation could result in criminal or civil prosecution.

Keep the “R” in TNR


The Foundation for Homeless Cats is supported solely through donations. We do not receive any taxpayer support or other public funding. Please make a donation today and help end cat overpopulation in Maricopa County.

“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”
— Mahatma Gandhi

***PLEASE NOTE: We are NOT a rescue group or shelter and cannot pick up, relocate, place OR adopt out kittens or cats. ***