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The case for TNR


Did you know?

Removal and killing of outdoor cats is never ending and futile. Colonies that are involved in TNR diminish in size over time. Mating behaviors cease such as; roaming, yowling, spraying and fighting. The cats’ physical health improves. No new kittens!

TNR stops the breeding cycle of cats and therefore improves their lives while preventing reproduction.

(reference: alleycat.org, 2016, “Why Trap-Neuter-Return Feral Cats: The Case for TNR”)

Abandoned and Confused

We named this very pretty girl “Jazzy”. Jazzy
Jazzy showed up recently at one of our feeding stations. An alert volunteer reported her to our founder so that she could be trapped and spayed. Turns out Jazzy was friendly and already spayed- clearly some unthinking person abandoned her to fend for herself.

Thanks to Foundation for Homeless Cats she is headed for a local rescue group that was willing to take her in and find her another –this time forever home.

Bully’s Place


We have a very supportive business owner who has welcomed three cats making their homes on their business lot.

Bully (grey cat), has lived at this business for many many years now, and Elsa (white/orange girl in back) joined him a few years ago. He took a little while to accept her but they get along nicely.

About a year ago we suspect that someone dropped off several kittens in this spot, since they appeared suddenly. We trapped them and they were all spayed and neutered, but unfortunately they were to ‘feral’ to be placed with a rescue group for adoption. Out of those kittens, one Little Dude (darker) decided to live with Bully. It took a while but they are a balanced colony. With the help of our wonderfur volunteer colony caregivers, they should live long and healthy lives.


Eartipping is the universal sign of a cat that has been spayed or neutered. The procedure involves removing a very small piece of the tip of the cat’s left ear in a straight line cut. This is done while the cat is anesthetized for spay/neutering and healing is rapid.
The procedure allows those that TNR the ability to identify if a cat has been spayed or neutered without having capture them.

Ear Tipped Cat